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DIY Popsicles

Popsicles make me so nostalgic. How about you? I used to love chasing the ice cream truck with my dollar. I loved getting snow-cones, bomb pops, all kinds of goodies. Creamy popsicles were more expensive, but my parents would sometimes get them in bulk to have at home and OH that was a special day! 

Best Sorbet Recipes

With berries ripe and fresh right now, it's the best time of year to get or make a good sorbet. I love sorbets made from just about every kind of berry, not to mention citrus versions. Lemon or orange? Be still, my heart. So I knew I had to pin this no-churn berry sorbet recipe, especially when I saw it was low-carb. As long as you have some sweetener, almond or walnut oil and your berries, you could totally make this. 

Sewn Cake Art!

If a cake looked hand-sewn, would you want to eat it? This incredible cake artist makes cakes with different textures to appear as if they are needlepoint masterpieces rather than actual desserts you can eat--which they are! The artist also creates cool plants, like succulents, that you can eat on the cakes as well. The end project looks more like a garden or a stitched design rather than an actual cake!

Yummy Blueberry Tarts

Do you love a good tart? A yummy berry base with a flaky crust is the BEST, especially with a nice tea or even coffee. This lemon-blueberry version with almond cream, or Blueberry Frangipane, is fabulous, especially if you're a low-carb eater like me.  One slice has under 7 net carbs (a little over 12 total carbs) and I wish I had more to enjoy today! If you've never enjoyed frangipane, definitely give this one a go because you'll want it again and again.

Zucchini Bread

I have vines everywhere, but unfortunately it's not from veggies I can eat right now, but from the pumpkins that are creeping all over the place! At our annual teen pumpkin chuckin', my kids' friends all throw pumpkins off our deck, resulting in some pretty awesome pumpkins they can chuck again the following year. 

Dessert Cocktails

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you're just looking for a really fun way to cool off, boozy desserts are the way to go. So many of them even include ice cream, and what could be better than that? A summr granita featuring Bailey's sounds completey irrisistable, and I definitely needs these s'mores pudding shots in my life. has seven of these scrumptious recipes you can try out before the summer's through.

Yummy Caramel Crunch Bars

Caramel is one of my favorite indulgences, and since keto caramel really isn't great for you like some dark chocolate desserts can be, I don't indulge as often as I'd like. When I saw this recipe for caramel crunch bars I was seriously tempted to make it, especially since some of the ingredients could be swapped for keto ones. When it comes to yummy treats, I often just go for the sweet over the keto and just cut the portion size anyway.

DIY Madeleines

My teen and I are huge fans of madeleines. The kid loves them half-dipped in chocolate but I enjoy them plain, just as they are. Since I avoid sugar most of the time I was super excited to see this low-carb recipe for madeleins at KetoDietBlog. As soon as I get a good pan to make them in, I'm definitely going to try it. This recipe is for a buttery, vanilla-y flavor that I can't wait to try with my London fog!


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