No really: DOES chocolate cause acne?

New research says "maybe"

It's a classic bit of folk wisdom: Chocolate causes acne. This is a satisfying belief, because it not only puts the burden of acne squarely upon the afflicted, it also has the added kick of being due to an indulgence. No one ever suggests that kale causes acne, or multivitamins. Instead, they choose to blame things that they believe you should not be eating anyway: Greasy food, chocolate, sugary snacks and so forth.

Desserts for celebrating Earth Day

Some funny; some serious.

Earth Day is coming around on April 22. This annual holiday began in 1970 as a way to focus worldwide attention on global environmental issues, as well as provide a "day of service" for public clean-ups, recycling drives, and other forms of civic-minded eco-activism. Once you have finished a hard day helping out the planet, here are some ideas for kicking back with a sweet treat.

Extra-dark chocolate: The healthiest dessert?

If you want a healthy treat, look for the dark stuff.

If you're looking for a special treat, what is the healthiest dessert that you can choose? Please, let us not sully the good name of dessert by calling fruit a dessert. (Unless you mix it with sour cream, brown sugar, mini marshmallows, and maybe some coconut. Then it's ambrosia salad, and it's delicious, but it would not exactly qualify as "healthy.") 

Fancy Starbucks drinks: Stealth dessert

It's dessert for non-dessert-eaters.

Starbucks has managed to perform the tidy feat of framing their desserts as a necessity, a maintenance item, something you pick up every afternoon to get you through the day. I would guess that most people would balk at saying something like, "Let's stop by Baskin Robbins to buy an enormous hot fudge sundae before we go to the shopping mall." But "Let's stop at Starbucks" is a perfectly reasonable thing to say in that situation.

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Celebrate the most famous irrational number with delicious pie.

The irrational number pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and it starts off - as you no doubt know - with 3.14. Thus its celebration (according to American notation) on March 14, 3/14. Today also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday, which makes the day even more mathematically festive.


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