Dessert trends: Melting chocolate balls

The dessert that's taking the internet by storm

Instagram videos are really driving this latest trend, which is both showy AND features chocolate. It's practically custom-made for internet stardom!

A "melting chocolate ball" is a hollow sphere of chocolate with a treat inside. The treat might be a brownie, ice cream, peanut butter, or anything else of that sort.

Pumpkin or pecan pie?

The annual debate continues
Every year at about this time, families across our great nation are divided: pecan pie versus pumpkin pie. Not to mention those who are stranded behind enemy lines. I have a friend who loves pecan pie, but his family hates it. Every year he goes to Thanksgiving dinner, reluctantly has half a slice of pumpkin pie, then goes home and bakes an entire pecan pie for himself. And he is not alone in this.

Fun Halloween desserts

Trick or treat!
Halloween is an ancient harvest celebration that is basically all about candy and desserts. That's why we love it!
You won't want to hand out slices of cake for the trick-or-treaters, and you wouldn't want to bake enough cake pops to feed your entire office. So it's important to think about the venue before you choose a dessert. (And don't ever pick cake pops, anyway. Way too much work for the minimal payoff.)

Fun new takes on caramel apple flavors

Enjoy fall in a new way!
Caramel apples are one of those things that everyone loves, but no one wants to eat. They taste so delicious! But when was the last time you actually tried to eat one? Such a sticky, messy struggle, and the proportion of caramel to apple is way off.
Caramel apple desserts are abundant this time of year, though. Why not try your hand at one of these delicious treats?


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