Cookie Dough Pie

Happy pie day! In honor of pie day, enjoy a slice of your favorite pie for dessert, whether you like fruity, sweet or even savory pie. Shepherd's pie for dessert? We wont judge.

If you want to make your own decadent pie, this cookie dough pie is perfect. It's so easy, too, and it calls for no real cookie dough--just Chips Ahoy cookies! You mix them with milk and whipped cream (after smashing them well, of course) and add some chocolate syrup, and voila--cookie dough pie.

The Best Brownie

I know I've written about brownies before, but recently something I tried changed my entire perspective on brownies! My family and I ate dinner at Stacked St. Louis, which is our new favorite burger joint where you can get just about any kind of burger in the world. Normally we don't order a dessert but we were all feeling like something sweet, so we got the Bourbon Bacon Caramel Brownie and oh sweet heaven.

Low-Carb Ice Cream

Whether you're hanging onto those New Year's resolutions or you just want to cut your sugar intake, you have to admit that doing so can be difficult--especially if you love dessert! Although I'm not a huge dessert eater I do enjoy some ice cream every now and then, and now I know about an ice cream brand that is low in sugar and carbs in general.

Oreo Creamer

Even though I don't purchase them often, I am a big fan of flavored creamers! When I heard the Cheesecake Factory was developing two new flavors for creamers I was pretty excited, and while I'm not a giant Oreo fan, I think I'll be happy to try out this new Oreo creamer that people are saying turns your coffee into a dessert. You have to know by now that many coffee creamers are desserts, right?

Marshmallow Moon is Here!

I have a love/hate thing with our Ben & Jerry's. We love the ice cream but we're not too keen on the staff. They do weird things, like not listening when we ask for something three times, drawing on my kid's artwork, commenting on her body and otherwise acting inappropriately. While I love the fresh stuff, these experiences have made us opt for ice cream elsewhere--and to buy our B&J's at the store. This works fine for the Marshmallow Moon special flavor that's available right now!

S'mores Cupcakes

The idea of a s'mores is so delicious. I love every ingredient! Each ingredient alone, that is. When smashed together, a s'mores is really just too dry for me (I like milk with my graham crackers). How about you?

I do love a good s'mores flavor in something like a shake, however, and these s'mores cupcakes are no exception. They are rich and decadent, and instead of being bone-dry on the edges, it has a nice cake quality that is satisfying and sweet.


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