What's the Weirdest Flavor of Ice Cream You've Tried?

What's the Weirdest Flavor of Ice Cream You've Tried?

I have to admit, I’m pretty tame. The weirdest thing I’ve ever tried when it comes to ice cream is probably that Dippin’ Dots stuff, and my mouth was not a fan. I’ve also tried plenty of fruit, cookie and chocolate toppings—but so what? Everyone’s tried that.

So I was thinking about expanding my ice cream experience with some new novel flavors. I started to look up such things and was pretty shocked to find flavors like salad and bacon. They sound pretty gross to me—but hey, whatever melts in your mouth and makes you smile.

But it did get me thinking about what other flavors of weird ice cream there are out there. Here are the oddities that I came across:

  • Foie Gras and Caviar: Okay, I hate these foods as they are—the former for its cruelty, the latter for its sheer grossness. Combining them both into ice cream seems like a great way to induce vomiting if, say, you accidentally swallowed laundry detergent or something.
  • More Fishy Flavors: It looks like caviar isn’t the only flavor from the sea that people like in their frozen treats—they also like squid, octopus, shrimp, eel, whale, shark, oyster and crab.
  • Charcoal: I can’t see how this flavor can have a decent taste—if anyone’s tried it, please tell us how it tastes!
  • Animal Flavors: Aside from fish or fish-like flavors, there’s also ox tongue, horse flesh, goat, lox, chicken wing, cheeseburger, sheep intestines and pit viper ice cream. These sound like they could be hits at your next Super Bowl party.
  • Noodle-O’s: Yep, you can get spaghetti, as well as just about any other noodle (including mac and cheese) in your ice cream.
  • Veggie Flavors: Of course, for the vegetarians out there, there are tomato, spinach, artichokes, corn, fried eggplant, cactus, and sweet potato flavors.
  • Herby Ice Cream: Do you think you’d like flavors like lavender or garlic?
  • Bourbon and Cornflake: Why should your frozen mudslide have all the alcoholic fun? The same restaurant also sells balsamic caramel, cream cheese, peanut butter curry, sour cream and pistachio-bacon flavors.
  • Viagra Ice Cream: Yes, it’s an actual flavor—which includes ingredients like absinthe, gingko, biloba and guarana.

I’m sure there are dozens of other strange—or, at least, unconventional—flavors out there, which leads me to my first question—what’s the weirdest flavor you’ve ever tried?