Top 3 Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Are Actually Yummy

Top 3 Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Are Actually Yummy


I’m lactose intolerant so ice cream has to be really tempting to get me to try it. I mean, it has to be good to warrant dealing with the tummy ache later. So, what weird flavors are worthy?

1.    Haagen Dazs Ginger: Part of the original cast of Hagan Daz Five, a line of ice cream with just five relatively wholesome ingredients, this Ginger ice cream is now discontinued. It was pretty darn good, not overly sweet. More like a green tea ice cream that you get at some Japanese restaurants. My four year old would fight you for a pint of this; it’s her favorite.

2.    Cold Stone Creamery Salted Caramel: While I usually give in to my dairy cravings with their “Red Pan” selection, a new ice cream on their permanent list spoke to me this week. Salted Caramel. I cannot even explain the confusion in my mouth. Sweet caramel along the center of my tongue and a salty twinge in the back…yum!

3.    Maple-Bacon Sundae:  While I am not one to jump on the bacon bandwagon that is sweeping our nation (and Pinterest) lately, I do love maple syrup on my breakfast pork products. There are several restaurants now serving a sundae topped with maple syrup and bacon sprinkles. No fake Bac-o products, please. That really would be gross!

What are your favorites? What flavors have you tired that looked so odd, so off-putting that you just had to try them for yourself? Were they yummy or as bad as they sounded?