Tootsie Pop Drops

Tootsie Pop Drops

How do you feel about Tootsie Pop sticks?  I'm willing to bet that you are not a fan.  Not of the stick per se. 

Who likes the stick?  It serves no purpose.  It only gets in the way, getting all spitty and mushy and sticky, and when you're done with your Tootsie Pop you have to look around for a trash can, because if you just set the stick down on something, you will regret it. 

Maybe you can't find a trash can, so you reluctantly wrap it back up in the candy wrapper (GROSS) and stick it in your pocket (DOUBLE GROSS) until you can get to a trash can.  Little kids, of course, just throw the sticky gooey spitty stick on the ground and call it done.  

The only benefit to the stick is that you can take the Tootsie Pop out of your mouth in order to speak.  Or perhaps to look wise and thoughtful.  Or like you are quitting smoking and trying very hard not to kill people.  Maybe you are some kind of freak who actually likes to lick your Tootsie Pop, like the commercials, instead of sticking it in your mouth and sucking on it like a normal person.

The worst part about the stick is that it encourages this sort of behavior. But when you remove the Tootsie Pop from your mouth, it makes a terrible slurping sound, and grosses every one out. 

I only say these things because I love you.

Enter the stickless Tootsie Pop!  This is one of those rare candies that I have had to buy twice.  Because the first time I bought them, I ate them all before I could take a picture or write down my impressions.  Snarf, snarf!  And so here I am, nibbling my way through my second box.

The only way in which these are inferior to the standard Tootsie Pop is in individual wrapping.  I am against individually wrapped candies on ecological principles.  However, having worked in many an office in my time, I understand the need for wrapping. 

If you insist on having a candy bowl (and I wish you wouldn't - we're all trying to eat better) please be sure it has individually wrapped candies.  I have seen too many coworkers shove their bare hands into the bowl of non-individually-wrapped M&Ms to ever eat from a bowl of something that everyone else has touched.

In that sense, then, these are inferior.  But these delicious hard candies with the little bit of Tootsie Roll at the center, these are far too good to waste on your coworkers.  You know them; they'll eat anything you set out.  They ate all those pinwheel Starlite mints, didn't they?  And those things are terrible!

Keep these for yourself, is my advice.  Keep them hidden.  If the others find out, they'll take them and EAT THEM ALL.  They're that good. 

Plus if you have kids, a box of these won't leave you picking up Tootsie Pop sticks from the carpet, your kids' hair, and the underside of the couch cushions.