Time for some berry delicious treats

Time for some berry delicious treats

Summer is finally here, so it's time to start making some sweet treats just for the season. What sort of desserts come to mind when you think about summer? For me, it's all about using seasonal berries in my baking. It's the only time of year when you can find these berries fresh and ripe at the local grocery store. Stock up and get ready for some tart and tangy desserts.

Strawberry Shortcake

This is my mother's all-time favorite dessert. As a December baby, she never gets to indulge in strawberry shortcake for her birthday, so I make sure to whip up some during the summer. This dessert is simple to make. You can either bake homemade shortcake, or you can choose to buy it premade at the store. Slice the shortcake into thin pieces. Add fresh slices of strawberries and cold whipped cream between the layers. Serve chilled, and watch it get devoured instantly.

Angel Food with Berry Compote

If you're looking for something lighter, consider replacing heavy cakes with angel food. It's made from egg whites, giving it an angelic appearance and airy consistency. Angel food is also fat-free. Make a homemade fresh berry compote with your favorite fruits. I always use strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in mine. Allow the berries to simmer in a pot with sugar, water and cornstarch until they are mushy. You can either serve this dish warm or cold. I like it both ways.

Berry Cobbler

A Southern favorite is cobbler. This warm dessert can be made with any fruit, but during the summer, I like to use a mixture of cherries and blackberries. Mix the berries with some cinnamon and sugar. Pour the fruit into a round casserole dish and add the crust. I use a combination of flour, water, butter and cinnamon. As the dish cooks, the fruit will break down, while the crust become chewy. This must be served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Did I leave your favorite summer treat off this list? Tell me what you like to eat on a sunny day.