Tell Girl Scouts: No More Palm Oil in Cookies

Tell Girl Scouts: No More Palm Oil in Cookies

We always try to help support the Girl Scouts in our home. Not only are they a cheap, positive way for girls to get involved with their communities; they’re also not bigot who disallow homosexuals from entering their organization, like the Boy Scouts are. (I don’t get why one doesn’t and one does, by the way. Does anyone have any insights on that?)

My second cousin is in Brownies and we always buy from her, as well as from the local girls if we have any cash on us while we’re out and about. I even have a friend who does volunteer projects called “Book Baskets” that feature Girl Scout cookie boxes as gift boxes (decorated, of course) filled with books for children in foster homes. So we’re pretty into Girl Scout cookies.

But recently I found out that Girl Scout cookies contain palm oil, which doesn’t sound so bad—but most palm oil is actually harvested by clearing and burning down tropical rainforests. This goes against everything the Girl Scouts stand for—it results in the devastation of both land, creatures, and plants, as well as humans. Using the palm oil is really one of the most un-Girl Scoutly things they could really do.

Fortunately, we know that alternatives to the palm oil are in frequent supply—and easy to implement in cookies sold by such organizations. In fact, Girl Scouts has a British counterpart, Girl Guides, and they already use alternatives to palm oil in their products without sacrificing any taste, cost, or quality.

Girl Guides has offered its assistance to help Girl Scouts make the switch, and young Girl Scout members across the nation have been asking their den leaders to make it, too. Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen of Michigan, who were only in sixth grade when they learned about the palm oil used in Girl Scout cookies, started the campaign. Unfortunately, it has been five years since their campaigning started, and the organization still hasn’t made the switch yet.

All but one of their cookies contain this ingredient, so the odds are that if you’ve bought them, they’re in your home. They’re definitely in ours. Please join us and add your voice to this important campaign by signing this petition asking them to do so. If Girl Scouts are really intent upon keeping up with their mission to build “girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place,” they would take heart and listen to the girls they’re trying to teach.