Sweethearts Twilight Eclipse

Sweethearts Twilight Eclipse

Conversation hearts are the candy everyone loves to hate. But I'll tell you what, I kind of like them. Chalky, yes. Silly, yes. But conversation hearts have a texture that's more than a crunch but less than a chew. It's an eating experience, not unlike Jordan almonds.

Now, to say I'm not a Twilight fan is to understate the case. But I appreciate a bit of silly tie-in marketing as much as the next person. And the box made it quite explicit that these candies sparkle. How could I resist sparkle candy? I love candy… I love sparkles… what's not to like?

Even cynical though I may be, my cynicism circuit failed me. These candies don't sparkle, save for exceptionally generous uses of the word "sparkle." If you tilt them carefully under a bright light and scrutinize them closely, then yes, there is a hint of a sugar crystal sort of coating. It sort of reminds me of that faint touch of glitter you find in a fancy composite or granite floor, like in a bank lobby.

So I was predisposed against these the minute I opened the bag. I was also startled - nay, overcome - by the smell. I was expecting something more Conversation heart-y, but these are four new flavors of Sweetheart candy, and they smell overwhelmingly fruity.

The four flavors are Tangerine Tangle, Boysenberry Bite, Midnight Melon, and Jacob Black Cherry. (Is it just me, or is one of those things not like the others? Shouldn't they either change the other flavor to something like Edward Boysenberry, or change Jacob's flavor to Full Moon Black Cherry?)

One of the first things I noticed (aside from the lack of sparkle) is that these are stamped in a serif font. Aren't regular conversation hearts stamped with a sans-serif font? Now I'm going to have to buy a box of the regular kind to compare. [Edit: I picked up a box of regular Sweethearts at the store tonight. They are indeed stamped with an all-caps sans-serif font.]

The words stamped on the candies have a very Twilight Eclipse sort of theme. Albeit an exceptionally literal-minded one. Instead of the traditional "BE MINE" and "LOVE U" sorts of messages, we have things like DAZZLE, TREATY, TRIBE, VAMP ARMY, LIVE 4 EVER, WERE WOLF, HOWL, and TEAM JACOB.

All four flavors are surprisingly distinct and fairly tasty:
  •  Boysenberry Bite (purple) tastes like a mix of blueberry and grape, which I suppose is accurate enough.
  • Tangerine Tangle (orange) tastes surprisingly like a tangerine. (I mean, you'd never mistake it for the real thing, but it definitely tasted more like a tangerine than an orange or, heaven forbid, a Bayer children's aspirin.)
  •  Jacob Black Cherry (dark pink) was my least favorite, carrying as it does certain overtones of Nyquil cherry flavored cough syrup.
  • Midnight Melon (salmon?) tasted the strangest, being indefinably melon flavor only in the vaguest sense. It tastes more like melon flavored candy than actual melon.

It's definitely worth the novelty factor to try conversation hearts that have new flavors. Just don't pick up a box expecting sparkle candy because YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.