Snickers Fudge

Snickers Fudge

Hi there, Fatty McLardypants here.  I have been trying very hard to cut back on the treats lately.  And I've done pretty well, maybe this will finally be the time that I, etc etc etc.  But I was undone by the discovery of Snickers Fudge.

Do you know what I had to not eat, in order to afford (calorically speaking) this candy bar?  An awful lot of baby carrots, that's what.  In retrospect, maybe that was not such a bad trade. 

There are 250 calories in one Snickers Fudge bar.  That is equivalent to 50 baby carrots, 1.5 pounds of broccoli, 2.7 large eggs, or three cups of skim milk. 

When you tear open the wrapper of a Snickers Fudge, it will release a waft of delicious fudge smell which is about enough to make you weak at the knees.  Unlike tearing open the wrapper on 50 baby carrots. 

When you take your first bite, angels will sing one single beatific chord, sunshine will pour down from the sky, and unicorns will frolic at the edges of your vision.  Or maybe that's just me.  If you have been on a strict diet for the last week and a half, anyway.  Results Not Typical, as they say.

Snickers Fudge is a special edition which I suspect is limited in nature.  Unless it proves to be hugely popular, like Snickers Almond.  That was originally a short time limited edition, but people loved it so much that they brought it back forever and ever.

I can only hope the same shining future awaits Snickers Fudge. 

Snickers Fudge is really, really good.

The top half of the bar is made of fudge.  The crumbly, dry sort of fudge that people trot out during the holidays.  It looks so unappealing, all scratched up, lying there in irregular cube shapes on the festive serving plate.  But oh, it is so delicious.

Same here.

The fudge contains little bits of peanut, and small flecks of what may be nougat, or peanut bits, or who knows what.  The inclusions are similar to what you find in the classic Toblerone bar. You know; little bits of pure delicious.

The nougat has been replaced by "peanut butter nougat," but I'll tell you the truth: I can't tell the difference.

The original Snickers bar has caramel where Snickers Fudge has fudge.  I have always thought of the Snickers bar as a sort of benchmark, a platonic ideal of what the words "candy bar" mean (or should mean).  Having had Snickers Fudge, I must revise my opinion.

The caramel in a standard Snickers bar is, in hindsight, just a bit too sweet.  And a little too sticky, leaving the occasional trail of itself on your hand or the top of your desk.  The flavor is a bit too bright.  I never realized these were problems until I had a Snickers Fudge. 

And lo, my brothers and sisters, I have seen the light.

Except that, at 250 calories apiece, I basically can never eat one of these again.