National Ice Cream Soda Day

National Ice Cream Soda Day

One of the best treats of the summer comes ice cold in a glass. It’s smooth and creamy, yet fizzy and refreshing, and merges today’s hustle and bustle with “the good old days.” Fans of floats, ice cream sodas, brown cows, spiders or whatever you call them in your region, take today to celebrate your favorite ice cream soda recipes, like the ones below.

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda

Strawberry Ice Cream Soda 

Gourmet Root Beer Float

Coffee Ice Cream Soda

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Soda

Like most drinks, ice cream sodas come with their own fun names and recipes. The easiest—as well as perhaps the tastiest!—variations on the ice cream soda are…

Snow White: Top some 7-up or other white soda with vanilla ice cream.

Purple Cow: Vanilla ice cream floating around in grape soda accounts for this silly name.

Coke Float: Just the basics—coke and ice cream!

For even more frosty fun, make up your own recipes, and let the kids have a hand in it! One that my family really likes is super simple—topping of a glass of orange soda with a scoop of ice cream. Voila! An orange cream soda, ready for your enjoyment.

There’s also a trick to making the perfect ice cream soda. Rather than filling up your glass with foam, fill it with the soda first and then add the ice cream.

And speaking of alcoholic drinks, if you’re in the mood for one, you can certainly make an alcoholic float. An easy way to do that is to soften up a gallon of your ice cream of choice, blend in your liquor, and then put it all back in the freezer until it’s frozen again. Blending in a container of whipped cream can make it even tastier! Here are a couple of popular alcoholic ice cream drinks:

Ice Cream Mudslide:  Mix ½ a cup of Baily’s Irish Cream, ½ a cup of Kahlua, and ½ a cup of vodka with your ice cream.

White Russian: Mix ¾ of a cup of Kahlua and ¾ cup of vodka in with the ice cream.

Lots of national food chains also sell ice cream sodas or floats, including Jack in the Box, Sonic, Culvers, and many more. Most restaurants who serve ice cream altogether will likely accommodate your wishes if you’d like to have an ice cream soda instead as well.