National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month

Today my family and I are celebrating National Ice Cream Month by creating our own “Brownie Earthquakes” by baking homemade brownies and topping them with vanilla ice cream and a few items we picked up at the store—some whipped cream, marshmallow, and chocolate syrup.

You can have your own ice cream month by eating a bowl of the already-delicious-by-itself, thigh-expanding stuff today, or trying something new. Here are a few ideas…

Use something edible as a base. Instead of a plain old bowl of ice cream, try eating it in a cone or a waffle bowl. My father likes to pile his ice cream on shortcake, or you could use any kind of cake, cookie or brownie. What’s the most creative ice cream base you’ve ever tried?

Sprinkle or pour on the toppings. Spice it up by drizzling on some marshmallow, Carmel or chocolate sauce. Throw on some nuts, bits of candy or cookies, gummy bears, or your favorite candy.

Try a new flavor. If you usually stick with one flavor, try something new. Dulce de leche became a favorite of our family’s after we tried it, and brands like Baskin Robbins and Ben and Jerry’s come in so many varieties you could try a new one every day for a month and still have more to experiment with.

Visit an ice cream shop you’ve never been to. We have Cold Stone Creamery on our list for this month, which we’ve never visited. We also plan on taking our daughter to Baskin Robbins sometime—a place we haven’t been to since we were kids ourselves. There are also a ton of little privately-owned ice cream shops and snow cone stands popping up over the summer; give one a try. My favorite place in college was a little mom-and-pop ice cream place that sold the best shakes I’ve ever had—too bad it went out of business.

Try a new kind. If you want to stray from the creamy variety, go for a sorbet, a gelato or a frozen yogurt or custard.

Make it into a float. Try some of the ideas we’ve posted recently or come up with your own creative recipe and share it.

Make your own. If you have an ice cream maker—or want to invest in one; some are very affordable—try making your own homemade treats this month. Homemade ice cream is often much more delicious than store-bought, and you can customize it to make it as creamy, flavor-filled, or however you like.