Healthy Dessert Options

Healthy Dessert Options


So you really like your dessert after a meal?

Coming from a large Italian family, my grandpa would always look for the cookie plate before we even sat down for dinner. I would choose cookies and cannolis over salad any day of the week, but in our obese society it just is no longer an option. Desserts are full of fat, heavy cream, sugars, and syrups, after all that is why they taste so delightful! We must carefully consider what we put into our mouths especially under the pressure of health restrictions (gluten free diets, diabetic diets, and just plain dieting).  Many people hate the "D" word. Yes, I to understand it is no longer a diet, but a "lifestyle change" that we incorporate into our lives.

So where does that leave us and our sweet tooth? If you are like me sugar free pudding and jello are not really the first pick at the top of my list, but it is low and calories, and very filling for the most part. I have tried a few desserts where you mix fat free ricotta cheese with some nuts, flavor, and artificial sweetener, but that also still feels like I am getting cheated. I keep my eyes open for anything new at the grocery store, that may fill the void. I really like the latest Pillsbury line. Sugar free cakes and frosting! They also have caramel and raspberry filled mini brownies, which are a little tedious to make, but taste excellent.  I served them at a party and my guests would have never known that they were a lighter fare option! I have been using reduced fat graham cracker crusts, and using fat free cool-whip mixed with a regular crushed up full size candy bar to make frozen pies to serve at parties, and family functions. I recommend using heath bar and drizzling a little bit of sugar free caramel and chocolate syrup on it before you put it in the freezer!

Even restaurants have seen the need to downsize current dessert portions.  At most chains right now you can order a "Shooter" size version of your favorite treats, McDonald's and Dairy Queen also offer a mini version of their ice cream treats, which is the healthier option if you are going to splurge!

You don't have to choose the pudding cup, or the 100 calorie cookie pack every time you are in the mood. Keep your eyes open, and spend a little bit of time in the kitchen whipping up healthy versions of your favorite treats and your dessert cravings satisfied.