Franz Chocolate Covered Raspberry Filled Doughnuts

Franz Chocolate Covered Raspberry Filled Doughnuts

I have only one question: Where have you been all my life?

Clearly I've fallen woefully behind in doughnut technology, because I was unaware that they could put filling in a ring doughnut.  When I first spotted the package, I was confused.  I thought it must be some kind of typo.  I peered in through the clear plastic window on the lid and confirmed that the doughnuts were shaped like toruses (torii?).  And that the package specified "raspberry filled."

Did I dare let my excitement rise?  My two favorite doughnuts are chocolate covered and raspberry filled.  Except that chocolate covered doughnuts are often dry in the middle, and raspberry filled doughnuts are usually covered in that loathsome powdered sugar. 

The stuff dusts down all over your shirt and table top, and inevitably causes a coughing fit, which makes things even worse.  Powdered sugar doughnuts are one of the worst examples of product design known to mankind.  (And yet, I continue to eat them.)

Franz Bakery is a Northwest company, a local favorite, known for their high quality mass market baked goods.  Their chocolate covered raspberry filled doughnuts are no exception.  The chocolate coating has just a hint of crispiness around the edges.  The raspberry filling has a full, fruity flavor, without tasting too artificial.  Best of all, the filling provides a much needed boost of moisture to the doughnut, but doesn't make it soggy.

Okay, yes, I'm trying to lose weight.  And no one who's trying to lose weight should buy a half dozen doughnuts.  But let me tell you something, when your power has gone out twice in two days, and you suddenly lack the essential services like running water and internet, and you need to buy food that doesn't require either refrigeration or cooking… well, okay, you probably still shouldn't buy half a dozen doughnuts.  So sue me.

A storm yesterday knocked out our power for a total of 28 hours.  And I was good, yes I was.  I ate fruit as a snack.  I marked down the calories of the fruit on my daily calorie tally, as best I could remember without being able to look up the information online.  I ate sensible meals.  Yay, me.

But another storm rolled in overnight.  I awoke at some time around dawn, aware that my bedroom air purifier had fallen silent.  I was, let us say, "somewhat peeved."

Worse, when I finally crept out of bed and fumbled my way downstairs, I found that I was pretty much out of no-cook food, having eaten it all the day before.  Low-fat cheese?  Gone.  Fat-free yogurt?  Gone.  Lean deli meat?  Gone.  Bananas, apples, and frozen blueberries: all gone. 

I was faced with trying to make a breakfast out of canned pumpkin, jars of spaghetti sauce (no spaghetti), and Italian bread crumbs.  Or I could get dressed and drive down to the little store in town.  From the moment of that decision, the half-dozen doughnuts were pretty much a fait accompli. And the doughnuts turned out to be so surprisingly good, I don't regret it a bit.