Celebrate Marshmallow Day

Celebrate Marshmallow Day

August 30 is Mashmallow Day, so feel free use it as an excuse to indulge in a puffy, gooey, sugary treat. What’s your favorite way to eat a marshmallow? I like my marshmallows burned through and through over a roaring campfire, or drenched in milk with my cereal or hot cocoa, while my daughter likes them raw right out of the bag!

Here are some other ways to enjoy a marshmallow on Sunday:

Use marshmallows in your cooking. Sweet potatoes aren’t only for Thanksgiving, you know! You could also try making sandwiches and strawberry shortcake with marshmallows.

Make some scrumdillyumptious Rice Crispy treats. Sure, you can buy them at the store—or even in cereal—these days, but aren’t the homemade ones awesome? My mom dyed them with orange food coloring one year and scared the kids in my class. Mwahaha…

Indulge in a marshmallow-y breakfast cereal. Oh, go on—it’s only for a day!

Toss some marshmallows in your morning coffee. It’s got to be interesting, right? Just skip the sugar and you’re good to go.

Make or buy your own Marshmallow Buddy. Or use them in another craft with your kids. Try making a house out of marshmallows, using icing as your mortar; or build a marshmallow snowman.

Add a marshmallow treat in your child’s lunch for dessert.

Make your own marshmallows. Did you even know that you could? Neither did I! But it looks pretty easy to do. You can even make different fun flavors if you’re interested.

Toss in some marshmallows into your usual trail mix. You could also add them to your salad or fruit salad.

Make s’mores! Or simply roast a marshmallow and enjoy. For a twist, try one of these variations.

Invest in some marshmallow sauce. It’s awesome on ice cream and other treats!

Bake some cookies and use marshmallows for decorations.

Use a marshmallow to stick in the bottom of an ice cream cone to prevent it from dripping.

Buy products with marshmallow in them. We actually use baby lotion and wash with marshmallow by Method for our daughter. It works well, has a delicate scent and doesn’t have anything in it that can harm her like other baby products often do. See if there are any traditional uses of marshmallow that may benefit you.

Use marshmallows as toe separators during a pedicure! You could also substitute frosting with them, soothe a sore throat, or try these other uncommon marshmallow uses.