The Candy Buffet

The Candy Buffet

Have you attended a wedding in the last few years?  Chances are, if you have, you have seen one of the newest and hottest trends in weddings.  Candy buffets!    Another variation is a cookie buffet.  But if you have not seen one, no fear, you will find out what this phenomenon is all about!

Essentially, a candy buffet is a table full of candies for your guests to help yourselves to.  This could be in place of favours or it may be in addition to depending on your budget and your location.   

To do a candy buffet, cookie buffet or any other type of goodie buffet, there are a few different things you need to get.

Variety of products – Get a good variety of items.  Just three items is not a buffet.  You likely want at least a dozen different types of candy or other food items.

Supplies – You want the buffet table to look attractive.  To do this, you want some nice table covers, great containers holding the candy as well as serving spoons so people do not use their fingers.  You will want containers for people to put the candy into and possibly some bags for them if they are taking more than one container of candy, ie. Four people in the family invited. 

Decorations – The candy is the main feature on the table, but you still need to make it look pretty.  There are all sorts of things that you can purchase to decorate - rose petals, glass pebbles, candles or many other items.  Just make sure that they will not harm the food if they get knocked over.