Big Hunk

Big Hunk

I have always hated nougat-only candy, but I was convinced to give it another try after I enjoyed a Look! Bar so much.  And it turns out that the Look! Bar is just a chocolate-coated version of another Annabelle Candy Company standard, the Big Hunk.  I thought it would only be fair to track one down.

The wrapper states that the candy is "terrific."  That is how it is described: "terrific chewy nougat with peanuts."  Nougat is one of those words, like "truffle," which has become almost meaningless today.  It used to mean something; now it simply denotes "filling not otherwise described."  

In the case of the Big Hunk bar, this is old school nougat.  Imagine taking a hundred marshmallows, and distilling and crushing them down to a two ounce slab.  It's dense, and sweet, and sticky, and has some interesting physical characteristics.  If you smack it on a table, it shatters like a chocolate bar.  But if you apply gentle pressure to the ends, it bends and stretches like a particularly hard taffy.

Even the wrapper acknowledges this disparity.  It has eating instructions (when was the last time you bought a candy bar that included instructions on how to eat it?) for both modalities.  

"Snack Attack" is the first modality.  "Place bar firmly in one hand.  Then… SMACK!  Your BIG HUNK on a hard surface.  Happily eat your bite size pieces."  

If you want to leverage the bar's softer side, they recommend that you microwave that sucker. "Place your BIG HUNK in the microwave.  Heat for approximately 5-10 seconds (microwave strengths may vary).  Carefully eat your SUPER SOFT CHEWY SNACK!  (Note: Adult supervision is required).

What if you don't want to either microwave your candy or shatter it?  Well, good luck with that.  I attempted to eat it like you would a regular candy.  It was not successful.  I bit into it and kind of wrestled the bar back and forth in an attempt to bite off a bit.  When the bar finally snapped, I practically stabbed myself in the face with the other half.  

Should you touch the Big Hunk with your bare fingers, the tacky texture persists, even after licking your fingers and wiping them on your jeans.  (Not that I would ever do that.  I would get up and go wash my hands like a regular adult.  Obviously.  I'm just saying.)

I made the mistake of setting a chunk of BIG HUNK on a sheet of paper while I finished some minor task.  When I returned 15 minutes later, I found that the candy had fused with the paper.  I tried pulling it off the page, to no avail.  And it's only 66 degrees inside, so it's not like the summer heat made my candy melty.

But despite all this, I have to say that the taste is outstanding.  The embedded peanuts lend both much-needed texture, and a delicious roasty sweet/salty taste.  The candy chews like taffy, but it finishes with a wonderful vanilla marshmallow flavor.  Everyone should definitely try it once!