Bake Pop Pan Review

Bake Pop Pan Review

I'm always a little leery of things that I see advertised on the television, but I have to admit that the Bake Pop Pan really caught my eye. I love baking cakes, and I really wanted to try this thing out. My husband was kind enough to buy me one for Christmas, and I just recently had the chance to bake some cake pops. After a few trials and errors, I finally think I mastered the art of making cake pops with this pan.

The premise of the Bake Pop Pan is simple. Fill the bottom tray with cake mix. Add the lid. Bake and enjoy. Of course, things are never that easy.

My first attempt at baking my pops was a disaster. I mixed up my favorite box cake mix, and filled up the bottom tray. Following the instructions on the pan, I baked them for 25 minutes. The results were cone-shaped rocks that I threw in the trash.

I was very discouraged after that attempt, but I quickly became more determined than ever to make this pan work. My second try was much better. Instead of filling up the bottom tray too much, I only filled them about 3/4 of the way. Since the metal of the pan is quite dark, I reduced my baking time to about 12 minutes. It really is guesswork, since you cannot see the results until you remove the lid. This time around, my balls were actually...well, balls! The cake was much more moist, and once covered in gooey frosting, very delicious.

If you look online, you will find tons of bad reviews for this product, but I think there is a learning curve to it. If you are patient with the Bake Pop Pan, you too can make very yummy and cute cake pops that everyone will enjoy.

Next in my Bake Pop Pan will be lemon zest cake with a cream cheese frosting. Care for a bite?