Top 5 Flaming Desserts

Celebrate New Year's in Style


To me, ringing in the New Year always includes an over-the-top dessert. I do not venture out into the craziness. My family and friends prefer to celebrate at home with a dinner of filet mignon and lobster tail, Caesar salad and an equally impressive dessert. Preferably one that is set ablaze in jubilation. What a way to end one year and start another. Here are 5 top flaming desserts for inspiration.

1.    Bananas Foster: I am not a huge fan of bananas but pour some rum on top and I am there. I gobble away faster than you can figure out how many a’s are in the word banana.  

2.    Cherries Jubilee: Another classic flambé recipe that is just not enjoyed enough these days. And, honestly, it is simple to make. Pour a healthy amount of brandy over some cherries and set it on fire (carefully). Serve over a high-quality French vanilla ice cream. Yum!

3.    Chocolate Lava Cake: Just when you thought the decadence of a chocolate lava cake could not be topped, they went and lit the thing on fire. That’s right, pour the liquor of choice over the top et voila!

4.    Baked Alaska: Yet another disappearing dessert, the Baked Alaska is a time-consuming confection involving layers of sponge cake, ice cream and meringue. Some creative chefs decided to splash dark rum on it and re-name it a Bombe Alaska to delight their guests. It worked, especially with the lights turned down low.

5.    Crepes Suzette: This classic French dish serves up delicate crepes with the liquor of your choice, preferably an orange-flavored liquor. Why is it that the French come up with all the tasty stuff? 


Image: Stu Spivack - flickr