Make your boxed brownies better

Brownies! Need I say more?

By far, brownies are my favorite dessert. They are simple to bake, and they always satisfy a chocolate craving. Of course, I love to make them from scratch, but sometimes using a mix is so much more convenient. When I do have to turn to Betty Crocker, I always toss in a few extra ingredients to make my boxed brownies taste more like homemade.Add more chocolate!

When using a boxed brownie mix, you can't go wrong with adding more chocolate. Depending on my mood, I may pour in a bag of dark chocolate chips or a mellow milk chocolate. If I want a bit of color variety, I'll choose white chocolate. There is no need to measure your chips. When the brownies are cooking, the chocolate bits will melt into the batter. The result is the gooiest brownies you've ever eaten.

Go nuts!

Looking to add a little protein to your dessert? If so, toss in a few nuts. My favorites are pecan or walnuts, but any variety will work. I bet macadamia nuts would be superb! Remove any shells and chop up the nuts into small pieces. I usually add one cup to a brownie recipe. You can add more or less to suit your own tastes.

Swirl in some fruit!

If you've never had fruit in your brownies, then you are really missing out. Simply take a few spoonfuls of your favorite jam and swirl it into the pan with the batter. Be sure to cover up any exposed jam with more brownie batter, or it may burn. Strawberry preserves are divine in dark chocolate brownies. Orange marmalade also blends nicely with the chocolate.

Remember that it's really hard to screw up a brownie mix, so be creative. Why not try your favorite candy bar or some peanut butter the next time you whip up a batch?


Photo courtesy of jeffreyw.